What's scary - A public harassment, or a non-reactive community?

Malmö, my beautiful Malmö we need to talk.

Recently, a 15 year old shockingly harassed me on the bus full of people in Malmö. (I won't specify his ethnicity, it really doesn’t matter) he was shouting all kinds of ethnic slurs to me and with a frightened soul I tried to keep my calm and class. All I could ask, with a fading smile was "how old are you?" - "Femton (15) and I can kill you!" he shouted, with a terribly cute smile on his face! 😊🙈

I've never felt annoyingly helpless and embarrassed in my entire life! Talk about being strong, I used to think nothing could shake me but a 15 year old shamed me in public from Triangeln to Gustav Adolf and nobody reacted! How on Earth do you handle such situations? Someone told me I should have filmed the whole scenario and report it to the police, but really? Leave alone the time to actually take out your phone and film under such pressure, he was a child, a boy who probably missed basic manners education but is now growing to be failed by the society! It's the people (adult people) that I'm concerned about. What happened people? Where did the courage go, of doing the most human thing we can all do which is protecting one another? Is it safer to keep our distance and not get involved? It’s a whole world around us, and maybe you’re not concerned now in the very moment, but who knows where you'll be seated tomorrow? I felt sorry for the boy but mostly for the scared faces around us that were trying so hard to hide their eyes instead of reacting... One man even moved seats 😂

In another scenario, trying to imagine this in Kigali where I grew up… Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. Culture wise we are all different, let us know how you’d react to the situation, I am bringing this incident to light simply to see what we can all learn from one another. Malmö rocks in so many ways and I love living in such a multicultural environment but if this is an issue, then it needs serious attention y'all! Have a nice day 😉🙏🏿